business development

Rich Pharma’s business actions are based on extraversion. Humans, as doctors and as patients constitute the core factor of our business plans.

Rich Pharma is selecting strategic partners based on sincere communications and reciprocity.

In order to enhance its product portfolio, Rich Pharma is selecting its partners through well known and reputable companies in the pharma field. Rich Pharma is looking for specialization, experience and mutual trust in its partners. The recent expansion of the collaboration with the Europian manufacturers for the distribution of new products lines in Russia and Ukraine reflects these characteristics. With the same criteria Rich Pharma is choosing its partners in other countries for the distribution of Rich Pharma’s products in CIS region.

For the production of its products, Rich Pharma has chosen specialized, GMP contract manufacturers in European countries. All pharmaceutical products are produced using the strictest standards in compliance with the EU pharmaceutical legislation. This ensures the high quality and effectiveness of the products marketed.
For the distribution of its products in Cis region, Rich Pharma has selected a strategic partner with years of experience in storage & distribution of pharmaceutical products. Certified according to international standards (ISO / H.A.C.C.P.), ensures prompt and according to approved storage conditions delivery of the products in all destinations within Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia.