our company

Rich Pharma (UK) Ltd, started its activities in 2006 having as vision and goal to take treatment one step forward. It specializes in the development and marketing of generic pharmaceutical products and products with improved / differentiated physicochemical characteristics. Over the years Rich Pharma has launched pharmaceutical products in many therapeutic categories and has developed products with innovative compositions, which are protected with patents. Rich Pharma have branches in Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine Republics.

The true cover of human needs in the best possible way creates a stable ideological structure, where we base every step we take. We embrace humans as health professionals but also as patients, we become aware of their needs and we try to provide them with specialized treatment solutions, aiming to facilitate doctor’s medical practice and to improve patient’s quality of life.

Our pursuit is not only the development of added value pharmaceutical products, but also the selection of those characteristics that would make a medicinal product friendly to patient use.

Pharmaceutical products in innovative pharmaceutical forms, in a wide range of therapeutic categories, which improve patient’s compliance to therapy and bring out the therapeutic result of well established active ingredients.
More than 30 pharmaceutical products in over 7 therapeutic categories are included in Rich Pharma’s product portfolio, marketed in CIS region and gradually all over the world through strategic alliances.
Extraversion and loyalty to teamwork and partnership can lead to great achievements. This is what we believe shall lead all our business development steps.